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Orange pi is an alternative. But the problem is that tutorials related to this board are limited.

Interesting new small-SBC entry at the (very) high end:

The Delta 3 is a nice piece of hardware, so I'd guess the Sigma will be as well.  For those who need a Raptor Lake coprocessor for their Arduino, anyway.   :-DD


--- Quote from: brucehoult on September 26, 2022, 10:34:49 pm ---In the seven weeks this thread has been idle a new pretty nice looking RISC-V board, the VisionFive 2, has been officially announced and had a 30 day Kickstarter campaign -- just to take orders, not to finance development, which is already completed with boards being manufactured already, and first deliveries due in November.

--- End quote ---

Update seven months later...

November delivery didn't happen :-(  In August I ordered a slightly crippled 4 GB "Super Early Bird" board for November delivery and a full strength 8 GB for February delivery. Some other people started to receive boards from the Kickstarter in mid-January and both of mine came on February 7.

The boards are good. The JH7110 runs a lot cooler than a Pi 4 ... also slightly slower (a lot slower if the Pi software can use Neon). Full GPU support is still a WIP.

--- Quote ---Pine64 will announce a board with the same SoC very soon. We know it's called the "Star64" and looks the same as their Quartz64 model A and they say the price and performance are about the same also.

--- End quote ---

Finally went on sale on April 4. Sold out instantly. Those lucky enough to get one from that first batch already have them. Same JH7110 as the VisionFive 2, just different form-factor and a PCIe slot instead of M.2.

They also unexpectedly announced the PineTab-V (also with the JH7110 SoC) at the same time as the PineTab 2, at the same prices. I ordered one on April 14, with delivery promised "late May".

--- Quote ---There are apparently a couple of RISC-V boards with quad core 2.5 GHz OoO cores similar to A72 to be announced in December (one company said shipping in December too, in a Telegram chat).

--- End quote ---

December didn't happen :(

I believe the Sipeed Lichee Module 4A and the Lichee Pi 4A motherboard for it are supposed to go up for orders TODAY, April 26 starting from $99 for the combo.

This should be genuinely more powerful than a Pi 4 and has a 128 bit vector unit.

Sipeed today also teased a cluster motherboard taking 7 of the LM4A modules (so 28 2.0 GHz OoO cores in total), available in June.

The biggest surprise of the last few months is the Sophon SG2042 SoC which has SIXTY FOUR of the same 2.0 GHz C910 cores, a total of 64 MB L3 cache, 4 DDR4 channels, 32 lanes of PCIe gen 4. The TDP is 120W. The first board using it - called the "Milk-V Pioneer" is available for preorder in China (not yet internationally) for $1600 with 32 GB RAM or $1900 with 128 GB.

I have ssh access to one of these in China and am running tests on it. It runs well :-)  Even if you can't find 64 threads to run, a single core (or a few) can make use not only of their local (per 4 cores) 4 MB of L3 cache, but also the L3 caches on the other clusters at about 75% the bandwidth of the local L3 .... which is still a lot better than RAM.

--- Quote ---There's a lot happening, if companies can get chips and boards manufactured.

--- End quote ---

Always the tricky part :-)  Also, I think the Star64 and LM4A both got board redesigns during their delays.

Depends what you want to do with your RPi, of course, but I have just replaced 3 RPi acting as servers with a single Morefine M9 running Debian Bookworm. It has an Intel N100 processor with TDP 6W, and seems to be working well so far. Cost was under £200 with 16GB / 1TB, bought in China. Of course, it lacks the GPIOs etc to be found on SBCs.

For hobby/edu one-off projects there are tons of e-waste smartphones.


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