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--- Quote from: DiTBho on July 04, 2023, 10:53:57 am ---I would not recommend Allwinner SoCs as the linux kernel and u-boot are very poorly supported.

--- End quote ---

As a plaything without any real purpose I ordered a 4Gb one and am looking at it more for plugging into a dumb tv so it is likely going to finish up a droid box rather than Linux. But Orange has now released Ubuntu, Debian and Droid images so some playing when it arrives I guess at least initially.

Older generations of Allwinner based stuff based on a quick look have just been ignored but the 618 is already in more general use so  :-// I guess.

Haven't delved into the bowels of it yet but 4Gb running on a 64Gb card and Ubuntu Jammy apparently running on the 6.1 kernel (Orange Image). Call this a mini review I guess. 300 page manual available so the documentation is 'reasonable'.

Installed straight up, added Libre Office, Gimp, Inkscape and had a good play with them. Took a little fussing to find my network printer but that was minor. WiFi and BT have been rock solid and while it dropped a few frames initially on YouTube not many after that and was very watchable.

Most importantly of course is will it game - YES >:D

Overall a fairly good desktop experience and way better than I expected. If it is broken (or I break it) I will report back here.

EDIT: Stress testing today, tried a small heatsink and it got extra toasty really fast  :o 22x22mm one sits just over the RAM but not attached and it is much happier even after 10 minutes + of 100% stress testing.

Don't like Allwinner then Rockchip RK3566 based board. up to 8Gb, Emmc and NVMe (PCIe2) storage options and a bunch more. Currently a decent launch discount available too.


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