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Hi All,

I'm looking for a free (preferably open source) alternative for Wind River VxWorks RTOS. I have a handful of devices with available VxWorks drivers, so ideally something with a compatibility layer would be perfect. I found Xenomai, which has mentions of 'VxWorks Emulator' in the documentation, but info seems sparse

Does anyone have any experience with Xenomai or any alternatives?

If the drivers arent too much effort to recreate, Im quite fond of FreeRTOS and have been using it in recent projects. Its simple and light weight, and available for many different architectures.

I doubt it has any kind of VxWorks compatability though.

For some reason, I always had the impression that VxWorks' direct competitor/counterpart in the open source space was RTEMS. It seems to be used by the same type of sectors too (Robotics, space stuff, etc.)

A lot of Zynq FPGA users judging from the mailing list, plus SPARC.

RTEMS is more complex compared to FreeRTOS  :o :o :o
Personally, I like uc/OS v2 or the new v3.


--- Quote from: DiTBho on May 26, 2022, 10:15:43 am ---RTEMS is more complex compared to FreeRTOS  :o :o :o

--- End quote ---

Uh yeah, of course. But the OP mentioned VxWorks. FreeRTOS as an alternative to VxWorks? Really? Sure that would all depend on what you do with VxWorks. But it's a bit like apples and oranges.


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