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simon christo:
Hi there!! I know it a little ambiguous, but I don't know, which is the best app to use for this purpose, or if it's worth it at all!! It's just a little like a Spy Movie, it's good to have if you need it...
Thanks Simon.

Describe the hardware you have first. First problem is most phones don't have the power resources to run DVD drives long enough to matter. Then you'll likely need to find drivers. As for apps, no idea...I've never tried to do this.

maybe is possible if your phone supports USB OTG, there are OTG Y-cables, they provide power to the external device, you may try with eg termux (terminal app with linux commands) - there is 'udftools' on the packages, maybe your phone needs to be rooted (eg to use the udftools or even 'dd' on the external DVD/CD)


had some time with 'termux' , /dev/ access is via root only , so rooted phone is a must (YMMV as eg some finance/banking apps refuse to run on rooted phones)

This should be simple in theory: kernel support for USB and SCSI /dev/sr0 and cdrecord on Android. External powered writers are easy to find.
In practice ... idnk.


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