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Any way to temporarily suppress all radio on Pi Zero (to lower interference)?


Hi everyone,

Long story short: Raspberry Pi Zero is being used to run a secondary camera on a drone.
After boot-up I SSH into the board (via wi-fi the board itself generates), do some setup and checkup, and get the camera running (recording video).
At this point I want to completely suppress all radio signals from the board, as they create noticeable interference for the drone uplink (hardly surprising, as there isn't any space onboard to separate the two boards by more than a few centimeters).

Any ideas what command (or script) would be best to temporarily suppress all radio (namely wifi and Bluetooth) until the next boot-up?

Say something like

--- Code: ---ip link set dev wlan0 down
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---ifconfig wlan0 down
--- End code ---

Try rfkill as described here:


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