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Argh! RPi400 can't get a sensible answer!

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I personally don't see much point with it. A RPi4, with 4GB, a dedicated case, and an additional keyboard (many of us have one spare laying around anyway...) that will be much better than the one in the RPi400, and you're all set. For cheaper. Even with the RPi4 8GB, this will be cheaper or same price, especially if you already have the keyboard. I know some will find it handy to have it all in one package, but as others have noted, construction is really meh IMHO, so this isn't really worth it. But, if it pleases some, hey, why not!

It makes a nice retro computer with the matching emulator. For example emulating an Amiga. Much nicer feeling than a Pi with separate keyboard.

Just as an example.

I got a Pi4 8GB Model as a desktop replacement kit because I thought I'd need more RAM. Turns out I could have gotten by with 4GB of RAM and used a Pi400 instead.

I believe the primary differences between Pi4 and Pi400 are it's missing one USB port (which the Pi400 uses for the keyboard). The Pi400 is clocked at a higher speed even without overclocking because it's got a huge heatsink... Also Pi400 is only available with 4GB of RAM. Internally the board is much different and does not resemble the typical credit card form factor of the normal RPi models have had since their introduction.


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