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Argh! RPi400 can't get a sensible answer!

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All I want to know is which RPi is the RPi400!?

I can get the specs, datasheet, etc. but not the RPi version.

When you look for "things" you are quoted, "Compatible with the RPi 3, or RPi4, and so on" but which is it in the RPi400!?!?!? |O

Thanks.  :-[

It is the same thing as RPi 4 with 4GB of RAM, just comes with a keyboard case and a better heatsink.

Thank you.

That’s not the 4B then?

The Pi 400 is its own thing, from the same generation as as the Pi 4B and Pi 4 compute module, using the same SOC.  Specs differ slightly between the fourth generation Pis, notably memory, speed and connectivity, with the Pi 400 specifically lacking the MIPI DSI display port and MIPI CSI camera port, and Audio/CVBS out, and also loosing a USB port to the internal keyboard interface.

for capabilities of all generations of Pi, except the compute modules.


--- Quote from: PerranOak on May 15, 2021, 07:05:22 am ---Thank you.

That’s not the 4B then?

--- End quote ---

If you mean the same PCB in a different case, no.

Software and performance-wise it is the same as 4B (actually it can run a bit faster because of the better cooling).

You can see what is inside Pi 400 here:


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