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Can I use a Raspberyy Pi 4 PSU for a Pi 3+??

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Chris Wilson:
I am getting a new Raspberry Pi 3+ without a PSU. Can I buy a Pi 4 official PSU to use with it, or in future with a pi4? Thanks.

Raspberry Pi 3 power comes in over USB micro.
Raspberry Pi 4 power comes in over USB-C.

RPi3 should work with most regular USB power sources. You probably already have one lying around.

Chris Wilson:
Ahh! I see, thanks for that, I probably have!

Yeah, if you are ready to butcher the RPi4 PSU to adapt its connector for the RPi3, have at it. The Pi4 is more power hungry than the 3, and its official PSU can definitely deliver more power, whereas many PSUs that were meant for earlier RPIs versions were a bit underpowered. I even think the official Pi4 PSU is the first official one that was sized correctly. They even went as far as setting the nominal output voltage to 5.1V instead of 5V, to make sure that the Pi would get high enough voltage even at full load.

"RPi3 should work with most regular USB power sources" => I would change that to "some". Make sure it can deliver at least 2.5A peak. Many also have horrible cables that yield significant attenuation at high currents, thus you end up with an supply voltage below what's recommended for the PIs. All the more that Pi3 and earlier were picky about that.

It very much depends on what you have hung off the PI's USB ports.   I have a Pi 3B running off a 2.1A micro USB PSU, with a 2.5" SATA drive (spinning rust, not SSD) in a USB enclosure, and I've only ever seen the low voltage warning if I've connected another power hungry USB device.


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