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cfg80211 regulatory.db malformed ?!?


I am working with a wifi card, the EEPROM reports country->regdmn code 0x3a, which should be "US".

I have already update the /lib/firmware images

--- Code: ---# file /lib/firmware/regulatory*
firmware/crda/regulatory-2016-06-10-1.bin: CRDA wireless regulatory database file (Version 1)
firmware/crda/regulatory.bin:              CRDA wireless regulatory database file (Version 1)
firmware/crda/regulatory.db:               CRDA wireless regulatory database file
firmware/crda/regulatory.db.p7s:           data

--- End code ---

regulatory.db and egulatory.db.p7s are "2019-06-03"

the kernel 5.4 complains this

--- Code: ---cfg80211: loaded regulatory.db is malformed or signature is missing/invalid

--- End code ---

any idea?  :-//

I am going to try with an updated version.

Umm, it seems these binaries are signed, and there is also a signature with the kernel, so it may be they must be synchronized :-//

temporary solved by hacking the kernel.


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