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Complex software that has passed or failed the test of time?

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I wont give the name of my software so as not to spam the group.
It was originally 500,000 lines of 8086 assembler in 1990.
Since then converted it to C# and its grown to about 1,000,000 lines.
I have used it for 500 projects so the bugs are mostly gone now.

Some programs are just let out and the users left to feedback the bugs.
I prefer to try to get it right first time by careful programming and testing.
Even then the occasional bug creeps in.

Been editing with emacs since 1984, solid workhorse and flexibility/extensibility built in from the get-go.


--- Quote from: e100 on December 13, 2020, 02:44:21 pm ---SQLite library on Windows

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sqlite is almost a case study in how to do good software testing, so not at all surprising.

--- Quote from: e100 on December 13, 2020, 02:44:21 pm ---I've been experimenting with the Kotlin programming language on Windows/Linux as a way of migrating C++ code from a Microcontroller so I can speed up an iterative development process. Kotlin compiles to Java byte code so has all the advantages and disadvantages of the Java runtime. So far I haven't seen any negatives and the free development tools from the Jetbrains company are top notch.

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I haven't done much kotlin, but I'm not sure it's what I'd look to for microcontroller code.  :-//
That said the jetbrains tools are all nice (and worth paying for the commercial ones, too... they have a pretty good discount rate if you buy them as an individual, and they include a perpetual licence if you don't want to keep the subscription going.)


--- Quote from: DiTBho on September 20, 2023, 12:21:20 am ---CodeWarrior for SONY/PS1, rel4: it worked then (1998), it works now!

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CodeWarrior was so nice for its time, and totally does still hold its own today. Sunk a fair bit of summer job money into keeping it updated when I was a student.

Worst program is Windows (any version)
Trying to add a device to the network means setting things all over the place.
It should be just a single dialogue to set it all up.
Windows explorer file copy is very slow despite the onset of fast SSD's.
I find Windows a bit unresponsive at time having to hit a button/link twice to get it to work.
Thats for starters.


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