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Core memory for the Arduino.

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schmitt trigger:
Stumbled with this weird product while surfing the web.

Now, if they had only used TTL gates instead of a CPLD.... ;D

Note; I am not affiliated with the seller.

Brek (who is often found around these parts) did a couple of fun core videos..

along the same lines and not a CPLD in sight

That's neat!  I started my programming efforts when core memory was the only game in town.  So, I bought one of these gadgets to show my grandson how memory used to work.  Should be fun!

Some old time core memory here:
The tan PCBs at the bottom have four layers that I remember with a 1/2" gap between containing the ferrite beads.
It had a whopping 32K 16-bit words of memory.

schmitt trigger:
Indeed one can actually read the label "MEMORY EQUIPMENT" at the bottom of the picture.

What is the date that you think this were made? Wikipedia mentions that they were manufactured starting in 1969


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