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Do SD cards handle wear leveling on their own?

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I know this is a question the answer of which most sensibly is: "it depends".

But if anyone happens to know more about that (types of SD cards that are more likely to do this, brands, possible mentions in the SD standard, etc), that would be interesting.

David Hess:
If the memory card has wear leveling, then it handles independently of the system that it is connected to.  Not all memory cards have wear leveling.

I am not aware of any SD cards that have wear leveling. The WD purple may have something, they do claim 256 TBW for their 512GB card which is around SSD range.  However that may be marketing as the application for these is in surveillance applications where they mostly cycle through the full capacity anyway. I haven't tried, but I suspect if you keep erase/writing the same sector it will fail quickly.

I'm also interested if anyone knows for sure. I did look a while back for my RPI's which keep failing with bad SD's, but never found anything definitive.

How can we evaluate SD cards and flash memory better? I often find myself buying flash memory from online stores and how does one buy quality, and evaluate it? I often boot SBCs off of them. How can I improve my chances of having it be reliable?

Delkin produces auto-wear leveling SD cards:

as does ATP:

Both call the cards "industrial SD cards".


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