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Extra-tall Raspberry Pi 3b+ case?


I need a case that's plastic/modifiable and about 2.5"/~60mm tall. I've looked around and cannot seem to find one this tall. I have a couple different hats, one of which is custom made.

Do I need to roll my own? I'm not experienced with 3d printing/modeling, so I'd probably just have to try to find a project box and cut it up. I wanted a case that was a good fit though, since the whole thing will be placed in a larger enclosure and I would like to keep space use in it minimized. Most project boxes/enclosures are not an appropriate set of dimensions for this project, and would end up with a lot of empty wasted space.

Thank you.

Just learn to do some CAD and design it yourself. It's not that hard.

This one claims to be exactly 60mm high. Looks a bit drab, but may do the job:

Google image search also shows some transparent "HighPi" cases, but at furst glance I did not see one for the Pi 3 that was actually available. Maybe worth some digging if the form factor works for you but you don't like the black.


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