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Freescale/NXP Codewarrior - Why so many issues with Windows 10?

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Does anyone know why Codewarrior V6.3 and V4.7
have so much trouble installing and running under Windows 10?

Windows10 is different in some ways and it may break older applications. One of things that has been changed is the way GUI events are handled. For example: in Windows10 a user interface item may receive events before it is fully initialised.

No idea.
What I would suggest is to take every opportunity to tell Freescale/NXP how bad Eclipse is !
Hopefully, if they understand how bad Eclipse IDE is for embedded tools, they will stop using it as the base for their tools and go back to actually developing a decent tool  :palm:

Lots of older software weren't exactly developed with best practices in mind. Many also broke with the move to multi-core machines, eg. Renesas' old HEW IDE will just randomly crash unless forced to run on a single core.


--- Quote from: MosherIV on August 18, 2019, 10:14:20 am ---What I would suggest is to take every opportunity to tell Freescale/NXP how bad Eclipse is !

--- End quote ---

I downloaded Codewarrior 11, hoping it might work in Windows 10.
* The complexity is huge. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.
* It seems to not support HCS12X
* It cannot import legacy HCS08 projects

Nobody from NXP has clarified what is needed for W10.
How can it be a problem to upgrade legacy well functioning tools to Windows 10?

I have a dozen products to support, currently in Windows XP.
XP is getting more and more problematic.
I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10, but it is not easy.


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