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Sherlock Holmes:
I've been using a rather powerful, feature laden new tool for exploring and analyzing ELF/COFF files (as generated by most MCU development tools and languages).

It's named Ghidra and I wondered if others here have used this for anything? It's written and maintained by the National Security Agency FYI.

It can disassemble, and analyze these files for a huge number of things.


It's able to disassemble a large variety of CPU types, brands, models.

Ghidra did not work at all for me, seems to be malware now.
It seems to be orphaned, after the NSA gave it as public domain, I see it has tons of issues and nobody looking after it.
Disassembler output was a few opcodes and then nothing.
Thankfully I used it on a junk PC and sure enough running the disassembler the snek logo shows up and a white flash on the screen, and found it corrupted most Notepad++ documents and that cache.
Would not use or recommend at all.

Ghidra works fine for me? It's no IDA but it's good enough.

1,204 open issues, 2,378 closed
8-bit clunkers are in the bug/issues list for long times? so I give it a FAIL

Am aware of it; haven't had need to use it yet.



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