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Graphical library for Raspberry in C / C ++

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--- Quote from: luiHS on September 08, 2021, 03:56:20 am ---
I need to develop an application in C / C ++ with a graphical environment for Raspberry, something similar to a video game (although it is not a video game). I have to handle videos with audio, images, texts with artistic fonts, etc.

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Well pretty much the folks above detailed the 3 options: Qt/Gtk or wxWidgets.

Much different among themselves and none of them are really that kind for  dedicated framebuffers like video games or real time displays.

I have used quite extensively the 3 of them mostly I prefer Gtk pure C API which can link to virtually anything you can think of despite templates hassle  - e.g. templates may be a bless or a total curse in your life among compiler versions and compatible issues

In these cases I  usually fallback to what I think is the compromise:
-  dedicated double-buffers in Gtk - they work really nice despite the layer you have.
- SDL based accelerated API  (

The latter can interface Gtk absolute seamless

Done sometime ago a simple DMM interface with  FunctionGen SCOPE/Spectrum Analyser with SIGROK interface in almost a week using Gtk  bindings only...  almost real time tripple buffer threaded API

No template or STL hassle or problems with compiler odds

The real argument is that Gtk version are easier to handle than the messy gtkmm or even the more messy Qt versions...

An order of magnitude simpler faster SDL interface is also piece of cake

ALAS interesting detail that pure C API allowed me to bind JACK transport streams to ALL instruments on these apps.. quite nice way to manage I/O under layer

Hope helps  :-+


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