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hardening Arduino IO for industrial use

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I need to use an Arduino mega 2560 for a piece of lab equipment.  But CPU IO is not hardened enough for running IO
around a machine I believe.  So I need an interface board to buffer the IO. 
I don't want to build it myself, so does anyone know a source to buy this.  Why is it not a commonly available thing.
All it needs to be is some ULN2003 buffers on input and output with relays.

And no i can't change to another platform.  So sorry for the XY question.


You can buy one rugged Arduino Mega from here:

There are several of them around. Search for "Arduino PLC shield" e.g.

Won't be cheap though.

[edit]Linked to the wrong one. The Ethernet models have a ATmega2560 inside. The 20 I/O ones have a ATmega32u4 inside.[/edit]


--- Quote from: tsman on January 18, 2019, 03:30:38 pm ---There are several of them around. Search for "Arduino PLC shield" e.g.

Won't be cheap though.

--- End quote ---
As someone who uses PLC's in industrial regularly. Those are an order of magnitude cheaper than a real PLC.

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I use some plc too, but i've seen some very well made arduino shields, with opto coupled inputs outputs, current llimited / input protection diodes

The given link :
Is a very good implementations, and multiple communication protocols

This one too:

The paf memeber link is very good :      it will give you the basics
The plc shield seems very well tought and tested, you can stack two of them

Finally  the opened source project :
                                  Getting started :

An engineer at my job told me this link, he's adding up this system to a filament mahine we use 24/24h  ???

Other open source infos and coding ? :


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