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How does one make a start in LIN bus?

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I think Simon is working with AVR, in which case this might be useful.

I do use AVR but in the future will be using the SAMC or SAMD. At the moment my quandary is not the low level stuff just the high level of what tools / software / other prerequisites do I need. The entire LIN standard that has now been issued and supersedes the available lin 2.2 spec is about £1'500, but does having it help me? If there are predefined commands I must send where do I find these?

I'll read the app note, thanks. If I use any AVR it's the new mega/ex xmega / 0 series, but really what I am initially after is the basic concepts.

Get the LIN spec, do the google search as above :)

I haven't had to do much work with LIN, but we always interface with existing networks so we can more or less reverse engineer the meaning of the frames. If we were higher in the good chain we'd probably have access to a datasheet or a database file explaining the frames the master have to send / have to request.

on how to implement a transaction, i just followed the freely available document:
i don't know if and how ISO/SAE Lin diverges from this.
I have not needed more yet, though ISO 14229-7 is on the to buy list as i'd like to implement a bootloader for our devices, or at least a way to reconfigure them over lin using esixting protocols


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