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How does one make a start in LIN bus?

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--- Quote from: leeatljs on October 06, 2021, 12:21:32 pm ---Get the LIN spec, do the google search as above :)

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i have it, but how up to date is it?

I’ve done some LIN on SAMD series. The issue is you need to decide what proportion of the LIN standards you will apply. You could build Lin 1.0 and it will be functional.  If you are designing a closed architecture you can cherry pick the spec. If however you are designing for the greatest compatibility with other commercial LIN systems , you will have to research how much of the implementation you need to do.  The LIN spec will not provide all the answers either

If I was doing a closed system I would not have to worry about the standard at all, just write the code for all my devices my way using the hardware functionality of the micro-controller. I will probably err towards SAMC as they also do CAN and will run up to 5V.

I need to be able to interface to anything that I can buy off the shelf. So many devices are now offered as LIN bus only. Also my MD has come up with a mad plan to design car EVSE, I believe they use LIN if so right up to the latest LIN standard I guess. I have told him he is nuts but the whole LIN thing is on my personal to do list anyway. Problem with stuff covered by standards is that it's impossible to get out of anyone what exactly you need.

Give us a clue, what do you want to interface to?


--- Quote from: leeatljs on October 07, 2021, 03:12:06 pm ---Give us a clue, what do you want to interface to?

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As I have already said, whatever any device I find I have to work with wants.


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