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--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on June 24, 2023, 11:38:46 pm ---
--- Quote from: Simon on June 22, 2023, 08:15:51 pm ---- What maximum acceptable delay between power-on and the user interface usable?
What a silly question ;), instantaneous of course! OK, less than 1 minute, there comes a point where you have to say, look, cheap and slow or fast and fooking expensive, you choose boss/customer

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Yes it is silly, which is why I asked.

Jokes aside, the power-on delay (or "boot" time if you prefer) is a key spec of any UI. Not even sure how that spec could even be missed.

As we've all been subjected to, there's been a trend in "modern" lab equipment to have pretty long boot times (scopes, sig gens, even some multimeters now...)
This can be extremely annoying.
But in some application, the delay may not be only annoying - it could be a safety concern, if you have to wait a full minute before being able to do anything.

Obviously this spec can lead to completely different solutions. If only a couple seconds or less is required, almost any Linux-based-on-a-SBC solution will be out of the question. Although with some SBCs and great care configuring the Linux boot (and not going to a full desktop environment), that can be usually lowered to a few seconds. Have never managed to get something operational with this setup in less than about 5 seconds. Whereas with a MCU-based solution, the power-on delay can be nearly instant (a few ms to a few tens of ms.)

If in your case up to 1 min is acceptable (make sure of it though, as it could again annoy the hell out of your customers, even if there is no safety or otherwise written constraint), any Linux-based SBC solution with an off-the-shelf display will work. Program the UI in your favorite language, there's no lack of them for quickly building UIs. Done. Also, if selecting this solution, ideally set it up in a read-only manner (which may take some work on the Linux config side) so there's no possibility of data corruption that could lead to a non-working state.

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There are no safety concerns here, just impatient ignorant operators that have plenty to do while the machine is turning on. i have a Rock4 board, I may play with that. What is annoying is that it is hard to come by the specs of the solid state interfaces and the drives that people sell. Not sure I want full blown M.2 (cost) don't know if the little plug in things are really any good or just anther SD card.

The problem with lobbying the client to provide a specification for something undeclared is that it can sometimes result in farce.

Like, you go to them and ask "what is your requirement for start-up time?", and they come back and say "10 seconds". But after meeting all their other requirements, you can only provide a system with a 30 second start-up. "Oh, no problem", they say, "that's fine". "So why did you give us a requirement for 10 seconds then?" "Oh, we didn't really know, so we pulled out of our arse whatever arbitrary number we thought sounded best, because you said you needed a number..." |O

(No, I'm not bitter and definitely haven't been there several times and got several t-shirts. :D)

Well I would not make it the primary focus, if someone wants an instant start I have that solution already, any micro I can get a timed interrupt running on and control the GPIO with a text display :)

opensource arduino plc's   ???


--- Quote from: coromonadalix on October 03, 2023, 04:29:33 pm ---opensource arduino plc's   ???

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steady on, I may have to get the longest "string" of four letter words you have ever seen  :rant: :-DD


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