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Looking for examples of Custom/Bulk USB class for i.MXRT10xx processors

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Hello all,
I'm working with the RT105x and RT106x processors from NXP and I am looking for USB bulk/custom driver. There are a lot of examples from NXP for CDC, printers etc, but none for Bulk/Custom USB class.
I know its a long shot, but are there any of you that has done something similar for the RT processors ?

In theory, I think this belongs in the "Microcontrollers" section.  (Don't ask me why, but apparently bare-metal MCU stuff goes there while single-board computers and embedded Linux stuff goes here.  Or something like that.)

Anyway, my ulterior motive for replying is that I'd be very interested in the same thing ;D

You might be right mark about the section, but I don't think I'm able to move it myself :(

Anyway, have you had any luck/been brave enough, to look into a custom class for the RT series yourself ?
I did spend quite some hours on it, but I got buried in the USB code, got no success, and finally gave up due to workload (needed to get the rest of the system running so had no time to do NXPs job ;) )
Its a pity considering all the other samples they have in their SDK that they couldn't have done just a simple custom bulk class  :-//

I'm afraid not.  I don't even have an IMX RT kit, just contemplating it for an upcoming project.  My usual platform is STM32 and I would never dream of using ST's drivers except under duress.  OTOH I am not familiar enough with USB to write my own, so the existence of simple and sane projects like libusb ( is a huge help.  I was hoping something similar might exist in NXP-land.

I guess the USB peripheral in the RT processors is the same as in their other iMX application processors?  Is it shared by any other microcontrollers or is this its debut?  I wonder if IMX Linux drivers would be any help?

I’ve developed custom USB classes for Kinetis micros using the NXP middleware. It wasn’t a lot of fun but I did get it working. Not sure if the RT chips use a similar library or not but I have an RT1020 dev board on its way so in a few weeks I will see.


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