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Low-consumption, portable, battery operated SBC required

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Sounds like you actually need a rooted Android phone along with a linux compatible USB to Ethernet dongle plugged into it.


--- Quote from: NiHaoMike on April 29, 2021, 04:11:59 am ---What about an AR9331 board running OpenWRT?

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That's a good suggestion, OpenWRT supports dhcp, tftp and node.js. MongoDB? Unsure of. I might just stick to Ubuntu Server / Console / Core. But, AR9331 board is a good start.


--- Quote from: Berni on April 29, 2021, 05:28:25 am ---Sounds like you actually need a rooted Android phone along with a linux compatible USB to Ethernet dongle plugged into it.

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Well, I wouldn't want to go too far off the course here. I want to narrow this down into the most efficient means of performing the set task. There's a lot of boards that have a bunch of features that are excessive to my needs, hell, I'm even trying to ditch any type of video.

I have a few options I've narrowed down to, Beaglebone Green Gateway, but it needs a battery cape that works for me. There was some Firefly board I was looking at, but it doesn't have an easy way to add a battery. I think the Cubieboards were a little bit too on the high side but those at least come with a decent power jack and have been tested. Guy claims 8 hours out of a 5700 lipo. That's a pretty big battery, so I'm assuming the board is consuming too much.

Ideally I want to find something that isn't going to require soldering or anything, has the charging onboard. Yet, most products aren't thinking about battery power.

To me, I think that if it's possible for a mobile phone to carry two days worth of charge, getting 8 hours out of a dhcp / node / eth / wifi combo that a) isn't going to always be plugged in b) could even disable the wifi when on battery. It shouldn't be so far out of the realm of possibilities. I think this search has become my entire existence.

Lime2 from Olimex had on-board power management and you can plug Li-Ion directly into it:

They also sell the "Teres-1" as a laptop in kit form, and I assume it also runs from a battery (and the thing is modular)

I went and ordered a Vocore2 Ultimate. It lacks the battery, but it's power consumption is definitely very low. Will look to build some form of pluggable power for it. Just waiting for it to arrive, it's taking forever to ship.


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