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Motorola M-Core, anyone?


It seems that I have to work with an old RISC-ish core that I have never even heard of: the Motorola M-core. What is that? Something intended for use in embedded systems, introduced in late 1997.

I would appreciate is someone sends me any information about current status of M-Core target support in Gcc, or if there is support for some opensource C compiler (sdcc? llvm? lcc? ...).


M-Core compatible ISA is used by the C-SKY CK610  SoC, which is supported by Linux, so GCC support must be there. And that C-SKY is the most modern chip to use that architecture, so it may make sense to look for documentation on that.

Motorola M-core is supported by GCC:
It hasn't been removed as far as I can tell, so it should work even with the latest GCC 11.1.


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