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Has anyone got any advice on ready-made cloud solutions that allow multiple users to visualise distinct IOT sensor data?

I'm working on an (Esp32) sensor gadget that's targeted at home users. I'd like users to be able to visualise their sensor data on their phone, tablet etc. Of course one approach is to write an e.g. Android-app for users to download and use to communicate with their sensor (over say Bluetooth). But obviously that approach comes with a lot of app. development overhead.

Alternatively, sensors could stream data to a cloud server (via MQTT say). But then I'm struggling to picture how this would work with multiple users. Suppose I sell 1000 devices. I'd want each person to be be able to visit a webpage and see only the data for the sensor they purchased. 

From my limited searching, I'm aware providers like AWS, Azure offer lots of support for e.g. over-the-air software updating etc. Also, platforms like Thingspeak allow me visualise data for a fleet of sensors that I personally own.

But again, what I want is for a (non-tech-savvy) person to buy my gadget, take it home, then visit a website to view their data. Has anyone got any tips on providers that offer easy solutions for this?
thanks for any advice

You could try looking at Blynk - it may be what you are after. I used it a while back for a personal project, and it seemed OK, but IIRC, it is supposed to scale up for business uses like yours.

you can try - they have free solution with resonable frequency and data sampling. The best advantage is that user can use Matlab for data visualisation (for free). Here is link:

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