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Nice cooler for your Pi 4!

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And special enclosure to accept this nonsense

Can't wait for a miniature liquid cooler for the Pi 4 too!

I have a couple of those. They're great, but also a little overkill. My Pis with that fan idle at ~30 C and even under load (multi-core stress test) they don't reach 40 C. Meanwhile, my Pis with more regular fans idle at ~45 C and a stress test brings them to over ~55 C.

My only complaint is that my fans have these glowing lights that you can't disable. :(

I don't doubt they work fine, but yes clearly they look overkill.
It's also my experience that the CPU doesn't get over 55°C or so with a reasonable (not big) heatsink, with no fan even, just passive.
Maybe if you overclock your Pi4 can it have any benefit.

But while 40°C vs 55°C looks nice on paper, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever. 55°C is just tickling it. You start needing better cooling when you reach temps > 80°C as they'll reduce CPU lifetime somewhat or can make the CPU throttle or even shut off.


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