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Not sure of this is the correct forum, but we currently use an Intel NUC 11 and Intel does not want to say what is gonna happen to it after the Asus transition. We use the TN variant because of the internal serial port header. Mouser says they do not have any indication that the NUC11 is gonna get killed off, but the Intel website says it is due to be discontinued by the end of the year.  Anyone have any ideas of decent replacements that are just as small and cheap? I could just waive the serial port header requirement, i could just get the PA variant, which Asus already seems like the idea of dedicated RS232 serial is numbered unless I pay Advantech some serious money.  If I waive the serial port requirement, does this essentially mean I need to rely on USB to serial converters?

Edit...Mouser just updated their marked as EOL:(

In the previous company we used so called fit-pc. Those are more rugged than nuc(s).


--- Quote from: Gibson486 on October 05, 2023, 02:25:09 pm ---dedicated RS232 serial

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I bought this one:
One year uptime without any problem, cpu is j1900, 4G ram is OK, but I set 8G because struggled with freezing, I win over with disable energy-saving in bios.

I've been looking at these:  MINISFORUM

Similar form-factor as the NUC.  Don't know if any has a serial port.


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