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PC having a disagreement with my arduino nanos. [fixed - bad cable]

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I made myself a laser engraver with an arduino nano working as the brains of the operation.
Everything was fine until i shut the thing down.
Now when i plug the nano my PC gives me a "USB device not recognized" message.
Grabbed another nano to test the cable and USB ports and everything was fine.
Plugged the supposedly bricked nano back in and it worked, the software recognized it and i thought great.
Plugged the nano back in the breadboard and it's bricked again.
So i pull it out of the breadboard and test it standalone, yes, still bricked.
I plug the spare (good) nano in and now it's not recognized too  :wtf:
Tried all the USB ports and it does the same.
So now both of my arduino nanos don't work, great.
I plugged my wireless mouse into all of my USB ports and they all work.
Plugged both arduinos into my brother's laptop - same error.
Went to device manager to see what it has to say and found an error message "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

A request for the USB device descriptor failed."
When i first plugged the good nano in the D13 LED flashed multiple times, now it only flashes once.
I've been using these arduinos on this PC with the same cable for more than a year and everything's been fine.
Does anyone know what's up with this?
Is my laptop into killing arduinos now?

How is the nano being powered when you connect it to the PC? Are they using a common ground?

Funny how you are suspicious about your laptop killing those nanos. You should very likely suspect about yourself for their death.

Unfortunately, without an exact schematic, we can't tell what may have been wrong in the circuit. Could you please provide one?


--- Quote from: hamster_nz on February 01, 2019, 09:50:31 pm ---How is the nano being powered when you connect it to the PC? Are they using a common ground?

--- End quote ---
I hold the arduino in my hand and plug the mini-B in, the D13 LED flashes once and that's it, pressing RESET makes the LED flash once more.
On the breadboard the arduino was running on USB power and everything else was connected to 12V.
Arduino was only connected to drivers on the 12V side through a common ground and digital pins (step, dir).

Check all grounds are connected correctly, (common ground)
Check your 12V cannot get onto any arduino's input/output/vcc which are 5.5v max
External crystal faster than 8mhz can be glitchy if you don't wire them up right, short connection and correct caps.


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