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Pickit3 programming PIC18F26Q10

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I'm trying to program the new microcontroller of Microchip PIC18F26Q10 with PICKIT3 tool.
My IDE is MPLABX v5.10 and doesn't allow to select the programmer PICIT3.

The datasheet of PIC18F26Q10 show the pickit 3 as a valid programmer.

And the pickit3 works fine with other microcontrollers.

┬┐Somebody knows what is the problem?

Q10 devices are fairly new, MPLABX 5.10 was released in November 2018, you may want to upgrade.

It is supported in MPLAB 5.35

Ok, MPLABX upgraded to version 5.35...

Pickit3 works fine.

Thanks a lot.

I have already received the PICs 18f26Q10 and I am trying to program them.

When I try, I get two error messages from PICKIT3:

Target Device ID (0xe300) is an Invalid Device ID. Please check your connections to the Target Device.

After that, the pickit program the device and appears other verify error:

Address: 300000 Expected Value: 2922 Received Value: 2954
Failed to program device

Despite everything, the program works:

--- Code: (c) ---#include <xc.h>

#pragma config FEXTOSC = HS
#pragma config RSTOSC = EXTOSC_4PLL

void main(void) {
   while(1) {
      TRISCbits.TRISC4 = 0;
      LATCbits.LATC4 = 1;
      LATCbits.LATC4 = 0;
--- End code ---

And the pin C4 shows a signal of 2MHz.

Why do errors appear?


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