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Raspberry Pi plans $500m spring listing

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I think that would be great if they provided a baremetal SDK.
I started writing some baremetal stuff for the RPi4 a year and a half ago or so, got somewhere but then stopped. The documentation is unfortunately hard to get ahold of, but obviously the RPi foundation has it.

Also, a SoC with a tightly-coupled MCU inside (now they have the RP2040) could be a pretty cool addition.

The majority of users, even don't realize that the OS, Linux, and most of the IP in it was already free for them to use, and they attribute it to what they might think is the "company" associated with the name they have heard over and over, Raspberry Pi. (but which is actually something much less important) Companies like Apple have the nullification of perfectly usable hardware down to a science, and even people who should know better get fooled by it.

The people of America are being brainwashed to believe that everything, even life itself, soon, comes from the generous hearts *cough* of CORPORATIONS.


When in fact they are trying to misappropriate everything and lock it down as their own when they explicitly agreed NOT to do that before they used it. And it saved their asses as this country would be a rusty old edifice without the vibrancy and positivism of FOSS which literally saved this country's economy, and makes up its most highly valued companies, and now the rich are generously trying to steal it and claim its theirs when it isnt.  And. At the very least hide where it comes from and the fact that its free. That they could have a computer as powerful or more powerful just by installing FOSS onto the still quite functional computer that the sleazy corporations rendered dysfunctional with their last "software update" from hell..

I can buy a Raspberry Pi at my local Micro Center, they have lots of them in all flavors.. Don't fall for the hype.

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--- Quote from: thm_w on November 30, 2021, 10:54:03 pm ---So they lose money on the product? What price do they need to raise it to to actually break even.
People are paying $80-150 for pi 4 4GB on ebay, wonder if that is enough to not have to constantly raise money.

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Are people actually paying that much?

Are they paying that much because they can't get the things brand new from proper vendors and instead resort to the secondary market?

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As I understand it, my father and his friend Adrienne basically invented guerilla/viral marketing, way back in the 1920s.

But open-source doesn't make money for the developers, so they will eventually run out of love, quit being so nice and it fizzles out. I think there needs to be some middle ground between vampire corporations feeding off the open-source community, and the dev's work putting food on the table.

RPi has a monopoly on the hardware, gotta buy it from them so they have a steady profit. Arduino was doing that until the clones took over. They are trying to push "Pro" and cloud-based tools to make more money. The RP2040 IC is an exception but it's confused as to whether to run an OS or not. I'm not sure what the revenue model will look like for RPi Foundation.
The IPO will attract investors who know nothing about the Pi Foundation's mission and probably drive them into the ditch in order to make profit profit profit. What is their product exactly?

Look at ARM Holdings, they axed 12-15% of their workforce say 1,000 employees, because the Nvidia sale collapsed. Ouch.


--- Quote from: floobydust on April 08, 2022, 07:57:12 pm ---But open-source doesn't make money for the developers

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Most major open source software is developed and maintained by paid developers working for the companies who utilize the software..


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