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Removing power from idle hard drives via IO pin and FET from the kernel?

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--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on July 04, 2023, 09:26:25 pm ---The OP may want to read this though:

--- End quote ---
Yeah, definitely.

--- Quote ---Molex conectors are not designed for hot-plug, hot-remove, hot-swap... they cause electrical peaks.

P.D.: On some molex pins, the current that is passing can be more than 3.5A, that can kill a person (not common, but it can), the voltage (12V) is not what kill people, it is the amperage (>0.3A can kill, no matter the voltage, it is the ampetage what kills).
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Remember kids, never hotplug MOLEX connectors. The inrush current may kill you. Not often, but it may :-DD


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