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SD card proprietary modes - have these escaped into the wild?

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Deleted my first reply, sorry.

--- Quote ---Sure, but isn't this a bytewide protocol, fundamentally, like nearly all the rest of computing?
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Only because you're using a byte-oriented computer to deal with it.

I think this page explains things better than the Wiki page I previously linked to. You can see that the CRC calculation lends itself to a shift register (not surprising since the data was originally assumed to be a serial stream).


--- Quote from: peter-h on November 04, 2021, 07:56:39 am ---Yes although they vary in pinouts and - right now - availability. Look at Adesto. Two sets of pinouts... I am using these already (the 4MB version - AT45DB321) and they are almost unobtainable. Whereas SD cards are ok.

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That is a 32 pin TSOP though.
8 pin SOIC should almost always have the same pinout, width can vary, but footprint could account for multiple widths.

They are both SO-8, and the Adesto (whose pinout varies) is 512 byte sectors which is much better for producing a windows compatible file system. The Winbond devices are cheap for sure but have 4k sectors.

Haven't read the huge sd card spec but that must be emulating 512 bytes with a 4k RAM buffer, to present a logical block device with 512 byte sectors.

rpi pico 4bit SDIO implementation


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