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"SiFive Learn Inventor" RISC-V board for education



FreeRTOS, MicroPython, WIFI & Bluetooth, standard Micro:bit expansion connector.


I just (pre-)ordered a board from the first link in your post over. It seems I may get it this month or primo 2020.

Apart from the passage "Access the Getting Started Guide and FreeRTOS Download at", I can find no references to hands on practical product information (e.g. edge connector pinout etc.) for the board.

After a bit searching I found I can see no table or figure of the edge connector.

The link contains no more than the string "Place holder for Data Sheet".

A search on the web gave me no further concrete board info regarding the edge connector. If more technical information exists and is public, could you please post/link here.

(If the edge connector is fully physically identical with/to BBC micro:bit, please say so. There is plenty of documentation and connectors / breakouts to be bought for that board).


As you'd expect from how it looks, the connector is intended to be compatible with micro:bit accessories.

I'm told full documentation will drop when the board ships.

I had a play with some of the boards at the SiFive booth at the RISC-V Summit, but haven't had a chance to check them out properly.


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