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SIO1036-ZG super IO - full datasheet?


Does anyone have the full SIO1036-ZG Super IO datasheet? SMSC now Microchip
I'm look for a datasheet which has the critical information such as operating voltages, pinouts, reference designs, and programming references.

Well; this chip is only 36pins... and provides a proper Parallel port.

I want to see if I can design a circuit board to house this chip and connect it to the LPC port of a Udoo X86?
Why you ask? Well; simply put I want to see if it can be done... and two) I want to use the udoo x86 to run a Needham EMP-30 eeprom programmer which will only operate with a real Printer Port. I have had zero success making it work with a usb->lpt adapter; and many on the interwebs indicate the same.

Normal distributors lists the chip as obsolete; so I haven't bothered contacting Microchip for a real datasheet. Hoping someone here has it.


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