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ST10F Familly Reading and programming


I have been struglling for the past few weeks with some ST10F familly microcontrollers (ST10F271, ST10F267) but I can't seem to be able to connect to it. I used different softwares and hardware, I used st10Flasher with a USB to TTL and also with KKL interface but none of them seem to connect, it always complains about getting the wrong acknowlegment 0x6E instead of 0x5A but I think this is a generic error since it gives it even when connected to other wrong pins.the micro is already in BSL mode i'm sure of that.
also tried hooking the the clock pins to an analyser to figure out the baud rate but they are always low (pin 80 and also tried pin 81)
I wasn't able to find any dedicated In circuit programmer for this family of microcontrollers, also wasn't able to find the datasheet for ST10F267 but i think the pinout is the same for similar members of the familly
If there is someone experienced with ST10F familly and was able to read and write to them successfully please tell me which Software/Hardware you used.
I also thought about building my own arduino reader and programmer but since I've never done this and didn't find any hint online I was stuck at point 0 :(

any help will be appreciated


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