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Using this "CJMCU FT232H USB to JTAG UART FIFO SPI I2C" dev board


I recently picked up this cute purple "CJMCU FT232H USB to JTAG UART FIFO SPI I2C High Speed Multifunction FT232H Serial Port Module" from aliexpress, which looks interesting and I am just starting out with it. In addition to high speed USB-to UART  it can also speak i2c, SPI and there seems to also be a slightly cheaper version of it that I can ses as also being useful. For example it offers the possibility of making USB more useful for GPS timing.

Anyway I am putting here the links that Ive have found on the board and I'd like to get a thread going so I can learn how to best use it.

I plan to use it as a means of testing misc. embedded i2c and SPI compatible components and speaking to small boards. An earlier thread here seems to have had some info on it from @IanM

I don't want to destroy it by making some stupid mistake.
I like how it has its own regulated power to run a small external device with.

Here is a starting point.  (the FT232-HQ datasheet)

Github has a design for an add on board for it. There is also a collection of other links on the FT232H and this board for it. (which I will copy and paste below) (collection of data and add on board for it)

Name   Supplier   Ref
FT232H breakout board   Adafruit
The Shikra   Xipiter
Foccacia   Luca Bongiorni (WHID Injector)
FT2232H USB 2.0 Hi-Speed breakout board   Seeed Studios
FTDI UM232H-B breakout board   FTDI
FT232H breakout board   CJMCU   Various suppliers including Aliexpress, ebay, etc.

I have used a few FT232H breakout boards, and the best one IMO is the Adafruit one. The new one has a USB-C connector too, which is handy.


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