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x86 MotherBoard Bring up
« on: June 04, 2022, 05:05:08 pm »
For those who has experience with Intel x86 motherboard design and bring up.
I'm in the middle of motherboard bring-up that has Intel Tiger Lake UP3 CPU.
Seems like I had a good run so far at power-up sequence.
please check my reddit post that to see the images since I couldn't upload them here:

as you see, I still can't get SLP_S5# = High, which means I'm still at the sleep state.
Note 1: power-up sequence is controlled by an FPGA.
Note 2: SLP_S0# is connected to 100K PU according to INTEL Platform Design Guide, as opposed to INTEL Validation board that has 100K pull down.
I pulled SLP_S0# low from FPGA (now it’s on ~500mv voltage). This change Still didn’t get me to SLP_S5# = HIGH.
Note 3: I flashed BIOS Binary to BIOS-SPI FLASH AND seems like the SoC is trying to communicate with  the SPI Flash but the SoC is not proceeding to higher states.

here is a schematic for my motherboard for those who have Dropbox account:
I would like to get some debug ideas that could help checking the source of the problem

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