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I just stumbled across this forum - I knew of EEVBlog but was not aware of the forum existence, hopefully I will be able to contribute significantly to this community. My name is Adam Taylor and for the last three years I have been writing a weekly column on how to use the Zynq FPGA based around the microzed and zedboard for Xilinx.

You can find the links to the xilinx blog here http://adiuvoengineering.com/?page_id=285 which is my own personal website - sadly Xilinx do not maintain a complete list of them on the site.

Please let me know your comments and thoughts

Best Regards



I've been on this forum for a couple of years now and there is not very much discussion about FPGAs. Mostly analog stuff and microcontrollers. Personally, I have a big interest in FPGAs but mainly from Altera!

I'll take a peek on your site...


Thanks for the welcome  :) Please do take a look at the site as there is a lot of generic FPGA design techniques presented. the only reason so much is based on Xilinx is they were the first to engage with me when I said I wanted to write about FPGA's

I would love to know your feedback and if I can help in any way let me know


Cool, got some Zynq boards on the way for some experimentation, have already done quite a bit of reading but I like that there's a lot to read at the same place!

@Kilrah Thanks, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions a new one gets posted every week


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