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[1] If Lattice iCE40UltraPlus has DDR primitives like ODDR in Xilinx?

[2] Lattice has silently removed free iCEcube2 license and now charging $471

[3] ATF1502 programming & 'wrong' id (fake?)

[4] USB BLASTER (FTDI245 vs ch552x) Quartus “No Hardware”

[5] A FPGA Audio System in raspberrypi size and open source later.

[6] REQ: AVNET SPARTAN-6 LX9 Microboard Files

[7] PS PL Communication using AXI DMA and FreeRTOS on zynq arty z7-20

[8] State machine design choice

[9] Programming (non-JTAG) MAX7000 devices


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