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A 5V CPLD in 2023?

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--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on March 17, 2023, 07:31:52 pm ---How fast does it actually need to be? Could you use something like an 8-bit PIC?

--- End quote ---
Around 7MHz, worst case.

I would choose ATF15xxAS. Still in production (not cheap though), but you can also get cheap second hand from ali / ebay.
If you are into TH packages, can choose PLCC with TH adapter

If you decide to buy second hand Altera 7000S, test it as soon as you receive. It may have JTAG disabled, and you need very expensive programmer to enable it back. ATF15xxAS with disabled JTAG are easy to enable with 12V and resistor.

And of course if design is very simple, few ATF16v8 or ATF22v10 could be enough - they are also still in production and second hand available anywhere

and for the atf15xx   you have some kanda programmers

but sadly the price went up a little bit


we used the ATF1504  to replace the 9572xl  plcc84 variant

with the kanda programmer we could load an JED file ...  but not sure if they had some conversion  etc ... not sure it was the Xilinx JED file ??


--- Quote ---Look at the Atmel/Microchip ATF1502AS/ATF1504AS/ATF1508AS parts..
Compatible with legacy Altera MAX7000 series parts.
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This is really cool!! I loved the MAX7000 devices.


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