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A FPGA Audio System in raspberrypi size and open source later.

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In fact i just solder 0402s by hands.
But for QFN and BGAs, you don't know if there are soldered properly. Factorys use x ray inspection machine.

Just4Fun ;)
In fact it is just a platform includes all you need to design and do verifications for any audio things. Of course you can make one AI core, or AI voice synthesizer. https://bellard.org/tsac/ or LPCnet from Xiph.org. and then things will go from 1000% to 0%.
By now I implemented the whole FLAC codec(A cpu core+LPC core) and used 20% resources. ::)
running at 50MHz.

all is done! 8)
However some plastic melted......

How are you planning to cool this part? It will cook itself in no time once you place any load onto it.

The FPGA? Maybe u can stuck a heat sink with some tape on it. It's my fault, haven't design holes for mounting heat sinks(no spare space).
It depends on your design.  ::)
For mine, almost no heat generated, about 20~30mA @1 volt VCCINT, as cool as the ambient. The hottest part is the FTDI FT2232 and MS5351M Clock, at about 40~45 degrees celsius.
And in the second version, I connect the thermal signal to the FPGA reset pin(you can use it in your design), and can stuck your design if it overheated.


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