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A FPGA Audio System in raspberrypi size and open source later.

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--- Quote from: antercreeper on April 20, 2024, 05:44:46 am ---For mine, almost no heat generated, about 20~30mA @1 volt VCCINT, as cool as the ambient.
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What your design does? That seems way too low even for unprogrammed device.

--- Quote from: antercreeper on April 20, 2024, 05:44:46 am ---And in the second version, I connect the thermal signal to the FPGA reset pin(you can use it in your design), and can stuck your design if it overheated.

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There are no "thermal signals" in FPGA. It's got internal ADC with die temperature sensor connected to one of it's channels, so you don't need any external connections, but you DO need to implement it in your design and do something about it.

Sorry for my bad English  :'(

I use TMP435 to monitor the diode of the FPGA and 1. trigger reset of your design while too hot 85 degrees 2. cut the Power while overheated, maybe 100 degrees.

The current is too small for 8millohms shunt resistors(and the solder can also add some resistors). i am sure just millamps, and I can't measure it very well.
for thermal camera, it is as cold as the ambient...
tips: max is 6 amps, 6*8=48millvolts

you can get a BGA heat sink for about 1-2$ since u are in china already maybe less and with some paste u are donw if u want to  but yea if it does nothing it should consume like nothing maybe u should have put a few ICs for measuring stuff like that

What type of ASIC do u plann to simulate/design in the FPGA?


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