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Absolute bare minimum FPGA thats breadboardable?

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One of my favorite FPGA boards is this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/183713814541?

Yes it's an old and small part by modern standards but it's still quite powerful, I have built entire 8 bit computers and arcade games on them. They aren't as cheap as they used to be but they're still pretty cheap. You also need a programming cable which costs about $6.


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Can you and asmi please take the swinging-d****s competition elsewhere.

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Sorry, that was most definitely not intended to be or become a dick swinging contest, quite the opposite in fact. The whole point is that as one probably doesn't want to learn to drive in a Formula One car, or even a road going Porsche, but to tackle learning to drive to the shops in a Mini, so one probably wants the FPGA equivalent when starting out.

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All I can say is that it's probably not a great idea to use phrases like "feelings of inadequacy" in technical threads :) 

The topic of this thread was "Absolute bare minimum FPGA thats breadboardable?"  We're way off-topic.

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That's a great advice to yourself, dorkshoei, because you were the one who started to talk about swinging dicks in an FPGA topic.

The fact that you spelled that with stars doesn't change a bit what you meant, certainly didn't mellow down that idiom.  Beating around the bush with improperly typed words often indicates weakness, or hypocrisy.  My advice:  either you say it properly, or you don't say it at all.  That advice is for outside of EEVblog.

Here, on EEVblog forum, let's just not start talking derogatory to each other, please.

Digilent notified me that the CMOD S7s are back in stock so i ordered two more.

You could start with a CPLD - $14 including programmer

The CPLD will give you a "taste" of vhdl , and will not cost a kazillion if you blow it up.

The same programmer works with the

Note: You will need Quartus 13.sp1 (Not higher)

Is chipsgate also hitting here ?
I used to pay $6..8 for the CPLD board , and $10..12 for the CycloneII board.
...Well some of it might be the new eBay VAT ...



--- Quote from: bingo600 on January 13, 2022, 06:34:13 pm ---I used to pay $6..8 for the CPLD board , and $10..12 for the CycloneII board.
...Well some of it might be the new eBay VAT ...


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Yes it is. Before LCMXO2-7000HE-B-EVN £23.15 on 18 Feb 2020, now £66.08 (both prices from Digikey, one from the invoice from 2020, one from their website today).


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