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Dear friends,

I recently purchased a cheap chinese Altera kit "A-C2FB" based on Cyclone II, just to play with HDL languages, however once received the board, I noticed that all documentation is very weak in matter of details of the pinout connectors corresponding to its references on schematic, due there is no designator reference for many parts.

Does somebody have dealt with this board, and could provide some help ?


Ask the seller for more details. Unfortunately that's all you get with those chinese boards.

I already did that, but unfortunately they think that are providing all necessary information at the documentation that comes with the kit. I hope do not burn the kit due to connect something wrong.


How about a link to the kit, that might help to find other sources for the documentation.

I found a worldpress article that uses that board, not sure if it will help but it has a pdf doc.


The doc is not great but it does have all the pins described in the schematics, but I didn't go through all of the devices to check if any was missing.

Also it seems the board needs a JTAG programmer unlike newer Altera dev boards that have the byteblaster or however it's called built in.

As for programming it, you might need to get an older version of Quartus that supports the older Cyclone chip. Also you are better off with Altera's website to learn how to use Quartus and how to program the device.

Google for "my first fpga" or "my first nios" those are step by step guides but you'll have to adapt some of the steps to your device and the supported IP (Intellectual Property) soft cores.


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