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Hey guys,

I am posting this, becaue I wanted to ask you about a purchase that I want to make.

I want to buy Altera DE0 Board, at the moment I am a student and I find it a bit expensive, but i see it as a future investment.

I choose Altera because I have a little bit of experiense with quartus ii and they are one of the biggest names in this filed

I wanted to ask you an opinion about this product. Any other sugestions ?

Best wishes,

Or should I consider De1 board and save alittle bit more ?

In my opinion the De0 is the best choice in term of quality/examples/support
in short, worth the money  :-+



--- Quote from: alin_im on February 18, 2016, 11:31:25 pm ---De1

--- End quote ---

De1 comes with the hybrid solution ARM SoC (capable to run linux)+ fpga inside the same chip, they are linked over the bridge called AMBA,
which is a bus, and it requires more effort to be used: it's not suggested, in my opinion, as first experience, as it comes with with more complexity

apart tastes,  because tastes are personal tastes, and in this case I am fine with Spartan 6 LX9 (Xilinx), installed onto Papilio/Pro board
which costs more than De0 and comes with less resources, but I love it because it adds exactly what I want: fpga, dram, 48 I/O (to add a NVRAM)
enough BRAM to implement my soft core, and enough resources for my TAP

in short is up to you

Hey, my first time posting.  :)

I myself am a student aswell, and i borrowed a de0-nano from my supervisor for my Bachelors project and i find that its a great little board to mess round with and get some serious stuff done with it, but seems a little bare bones compared to the de1 (from a quick google of that board).
i my opion, if you do get a de0 then you wont be disapointed, just requires a lot of circuits headers and jumpers to get a rough project knocked out.


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