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Altera EPM7096 Quartus II support?


Yep, I know it's obsolete. I happen to have one EPM7096LC68-15 on hand, and it's perfect for a one-off I need to build. But despite the free version of Quartus II claiming to support the entire MAX7000 series, it completely omits all 68-pin devices. I can't seem to dig up anything about this. Does anybody see what I'm missing? :-//

did you select plcc in the menu ?
you may need to get version 9.xx or older of quartus for that...

Oh, I sifted through the menus. I even grep -R'd the Quartus directory for different permutations of the part number....

Downloading 9.1 right now, thanks for the hint. I never realized they'd remove models like that - I figured maybe it was only in the paid version and they forgot to mention that or something...

...and naturally, it won't install. |O

Damn Linux, I love it when I don't require binary-level backwards compatibility. :-- Don't care to fart around with this, I think I'll let this junk bin part transfer to the rubbish bin, and grab a more modern one on the next Mouser order...


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