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I am going to start learn Verilog or VHDL, so I will buy an Altera board for learning because they are cheap.

Does someone have any experience with these boards from Altera, or is it Xilinx better?

Software is Quartus II for programming. But there are 3 different licences for a program. Why are they three of them? Can I make the same program on all of three? Libraries?

Thanks for help.

There's a free version, the others are paying. The free version is limited as far as supported devices and a few whistles and bells. But any VHDL project in one version will run in the other except for IP that might be included in some higher up versions? That I don't know...

I use Altera and Quartus, though always on my own hardware, not a pre-made dev board.

The free version of Quartus supports all the current, relatively inexpensive chips. If you want to use a higher-end part then you'll need a paid version, and if you want to use an older part then you may need to download a previous version that still supports it.

Code written on the free version should compile on a paid version - though I've never personally needed to pay for Quartus.

I never understood the businessmodel, why should a company that earns money on selling hardware also ask money for the software, you would expect that if the software was free more companies/people would choose the hardware. Oh well.

Tell Microchip that too while you're at it :palm:  |O  :--


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