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Altera FPGA - Arria II GX EP2AGX45DF25I5N


Hi, almost a year ago I posted this same post and sold a few FPGAs here at the forum. I still have many left and since this is such a long time ago I hope it is ok to re-post it for new members:

I'm not familiar with FPGAs, but I got hold off a lot of them (from bankrupt company) which I want to sell.

I have 200+ Altera FPGA - Arria II GX EP2AGX45DF25I5N, see http://www.buyaltera.com/scripts/partsearch.dll?Detail&name=EP2AGX45DF25I5N-ND&GSA_pos=1&WT.oss_r=1&WT.oss=EP2AGX45DF25I5N

Most are still factory sealed, and they are packed in different quantities so I can sell in small bathes if needed. Will ship worldwide.

They retailed at 455 USD in batches of 5. Since I have had these a long time now I am about to toss them out, will consider any offers. In other words, a chance to make a good deal!

Can also be reached at ibmnotibm (at) gmail.com


Unfortunately, these FPGAs can not be used if they're kept just in the cabinet without proper conditions. So your best bet is probably only for prototyping.

They have been in a dry, cold, dark room all the time (not sure if this is the correct conditions though). Most of them are still sealed in their boxes, which again has sealed plastic bag etc. But as you say, I do not expect someone to buy these for production, but maybe some hobby project (the previous batch I sold was for this purpose), prototyping, etc.

Regarding the price - I will consider to any offers.


--- Quote from: ibmnotibm on August 23, 2016, 06:04:22 pm ---H....but maybe some hobby project (the previous batch I sold was for this purpose)....

--- End quote ---
That's a hacker with cojones. I couldn't tackle a 572-BGA away from the day job...much though I'd love to play with a chip like this (and I'm guessing the price could be right).



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