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Just found some leaked info on the parallax forums

Onboard flash, and some (unspecified) analogue functionality

Good that the whole range is available in QFP, but only one option and 0.4mm pitch. 

Are we ever going to see decent FPGAs in mid-pinout QFP/QFNs so they can be used on 2 layer PCBs?  :palm:

Oh, nice find!

Lets just attach it here as well, in case it goes *poof* on the parallax forum.

--- Quote from: mikeselectricstuff on September 26, 2014, 02:54:06 pm ---Good that the whole range is available in QFP, but only one option and 0.4mm pitch. 

Are we ever going to see decent FPGAs in mid-pinout QFP/QFNs so they can be used on 2 layer PCBs?  :palm:

--- End quote ---
I suspect that that 144-pin QFP is going to be the closest you're going to get from Altera. But you could probably do this thing on 2 layers as well, maybe sacrifice some IO if required.

At any rate, this looks interesting. Lets hope that $30 eval board they mention is going to have good availability.

I have access to the full datasheet you can ask questions and I'll try to answer them. There are up to 2 ADCs (12bit sar, 1MSPS) with about 14 muxed analog inputs. You can change muxing at runtime to probe signals in succession.

It's basically a Cyclone IV but more focused, and with more onboard toys.

My best guess is we're about 1.5 years off from general availability. Altera takes their time pushing out new silicon.
And the smallest package is 144 eqfp, not likely to have any lower pin count. They are also in very small chipscale and QFN.
I wouldn't hold my breath on competitive pricing, not for a few years. The lattice XO2s are going to continue to be the cheapest thing around.


--- Quote ---San Jose, Calif., September 30, 2014 – Altera Corporation (Nasdaq: ALTR) today announced the availability of non-volatile MAX® 10 FPGAs, Altera’s latest addition to its Generation 10 portfolio. Using TSMC’s 55 nm embedded flash process technology, MAX 10 FPGAs revolutionize non-volatile FPGAs by delivering dual-configuration flash, analog and embedded processing capabilities in a small-form-factor, low-cost, instant-on programmable logic device. MAX 10 FPGAs are shipping today and are supported by a broad collection of design solutions that accelerate system development, including Quartus® II software, evaluation kits, design examples, design services through the Altera Design Services Network (DSN), documentation and training. More information can be found at www.altera.com/max10_pr.
--- End quote ---

8K LE silicon is now available in low quantities. (I think it is leftover ES silicon from the partner program in August)
Pricewise it is similar to the Cyclone series.
Eval kit:


Other eval kits are forthcoming.

Full literature:

Nice, here is Arrows offering at $30 and with built in programmer and more goodies than the other board, but no stock yet, and their edge connector that is expensive, but I have an adaptor for it already:


Edit fixed embedded image and added description:

Board Highlights

Features Altera MAX® 10 FPGA with 8,000 Logic Elements, ADC block, temperature sense diode, onchip-RAM, user flash memory and non-volatile self-configuration.
Extensible via 2 Digital PMOD Interface headers
Allows for further expansion from two 40-pin prototyping headers

One MAX® 10 FPGA (10M08DAF484C8G)
 8,000 LEs
414 Kbit (Kb) M9K memory
256 Kbit (Kb) user flash memory
2 phase locked loops (PLLs)
24 18x18-bit multipliers
1 ADC block – 1 MSa/sec, 12-bit, 18-channels
17 analog inputs
1 temperature sense diode
250 general purpose input/output (GPIO)
Non-volatile self-configuration with dual-boot support

Clocking circuitry

50 MHz oscillator
24 MHz oscillator

External peripherals

8MB SDRAM (4Mb x 16) (ISSI IS42S16400)
Accelerometer, 3-Axis, SPI interface (Analog Devices ADXL362)
DAC, 12-bit, SPI interface (Analog Devices AD5681)
Temperature sensor, I2C interface (Analog Devices ADT7420)

Thermal resistor
Photo resistor

General user input / output

8 user LEDs
2 user Pushbuttons


Two 6-pin PMOD expansion headers
Two 40-pin prototyping headers which provide access to 64 digital I/O
6 analog inputs
One 80-pin BeMicro card edge connector


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