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I am absolutely new to FPGA devices, so please excuse me for novice questions.

I am designing a FPGA board using EP1C12Q240C8 of cyclone 1 device.

I am using orcad capture for designing the schematic. I found this particular library for this model from Altera site.

Now the problem is, in this model, there are 60 pins on each side of the FPGA, but in the orcad library given by altera, the pins are arranged haphazardly, not like the original device. I have attached a screenshot of the orcad library image.

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please help me.

Just bite the bullet and roll one yourself. You can easily spend 10x more time and effort trying to find a solution on the net for this kind of stuff.

It looks like the pins on Altera's own symbol are arranged to as to group the I/O banks together. When I do FPGA symbols I even go a stage further and create a separate gate (symbol) for each bank, plus one for power. You'll find grouping them this way much clearer than just arranging the pins on the symbol by physical position on the chip.

If you still want a symbol that's different to the Altera provided one, you need to set aside some time and get on with it. There is no alternative, nobody is going to do it for you. Here's the pinout details for the 1C12, though I'd urge to you use a device which isn't already obsolete if at all possible:


There is always a debate whether a symbol should show functional groups or show the chip as it is on the PCB. Personally I prefer the symbol to look like the chip because it makes measuring in a circuit much easier. Ofcourse its not possible for every chip (BGA packages) but then again you can't probe a BGA package anyway.

Finally i want to make a pcb from the schematic, so its better if i could get a library where the pins are actually similar to the real  pin configuration!


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