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Altera PLDT-2 trainer software


I got this old PLDT-2 trainer, was being thrown out at work because nobody knew what it was or had a use for and looks pretty old.
Has an Altera Max chip. PC interface looks to be using a LPT/parallel port cable. I also don't know what voltage this thing runs on either.
I assume this thing needs some kind of IDE or other programming software. Is this something free I can download (if so where or what do I look for), I can't seem to find any info on this on Google.

I like this has LEDs, 7 segment display which could be nice to learn about this stuff. I just don't know it's worth using if my Paralax propeller board or an arduino would be better. I can always add LEDs, etc to arduino, etc


The PLDT-2 should have an Altera EPM7128SLC84 CPLD. The power should be 7-9V DC connected to the center positive input jack J14, which is regulated to 5V DC by an on-board 7805 regulator.

The parallel port can be used to program the EPM7128SLC84 using software that supports a parallel port interface ByteBlaster programmer.

Maybe Quartus II 13.0, Service Pack 1 was the last version to support the EPM7128SLC84. You can download the Web Edition for free here: https://www.altera.com/downloads/download-center.html

Learning to program a CPLD in VHDL would be a completely different experience than programming a Propeller or Arduino controller. It might be something you find interesting and useful to learn some of the basics even if you have no real need to learn anything about it. (Or if you have no interest or use for the PLDT-2 board someone here would take it off your hands if you were just going to toss it out.)


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